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Research portrait: Steffi Burchardt

Senior lecturer/Associate Professor at Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University

  • What is your area of expertise?

I do research on how magma is moving inside volcanoes by studying solidified magma chambers in dead volcanoes. This helps to improve the interpretation of signals from active volcanoes before they have eruptions and hopefully leads to better disaster preparedness.

  • What sparked your interest in Natural Hazards and Disaster Science?

I want my research to be relevant to people. I think if we understand the signals a volcano is showing before an eruption, we can help authorities to make better decisions, for example on whether to evacuate or not.

  • If you could only work on one problem in Natural Hazards and Disaster Science it would be improving the communication between scientists and decision makers, because communication problems are the biggest obstacle to good decisions before, during and after crises.
  • What book or paper has been most influential to your career and why?
As a PhD student there was no text book in my field. I had to piece together information from many different research articles. So, a few years ago, I wrote the textbook I had missed. Whether it will have much influence on my career is not so important, but the book is hopefully helping students today.
  • What do you like to do when you’re not working on research?

 I spend time with my family or learn how to do a handstand.

  • What is your golden tip for current early career scientists?

Don't underestimate the power of good communication. Being able to explain what you're working on and why this is important so that non-experts understand you is the key to getting research funding, recognition for your work, jobs and the impact your work deserves.

Steffi's profile on Uppsala University's website.

Last modified: 2022-01-11