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FORMAS funding granted to CNDS affiliated project ADATES

CNDS Fellow, Elena Raffetti and her team, composed of, inter alia, Giuliano Di Baldassarre and Gabriele Messori, has been granted a financial support of around 12 mil. SEK for the project "Adapting to temperature extremes in a changing climate: Past trends and future scenarios (ADATES)" by Formas.

The interdisciplinarity of the project is supported also by the unique collaboration and team of co-applicants, including a representative from the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (Ilias Pechlivanidis), one from Karolinska Institutet (Jette Möller) and one from Barcelona Institute for Global Health (Joan Ballester).

The team plans to unravel the interplay between environmental drivers, socio-economic factors, societal processes and different adaptation strategies on the health impacts of non-optimal and extreme temperatures in Sweden. 

Description of the project 

Taking Sweden as a case-in-point, this project aims to address the following questions, of key relevance for ensuring a socially just adaptation to future temperatures: (1) which groups are most vulnerable to non-optimal and extreme temperatures? (2) what is the interplay between environmental drivers, societal processes, adaptation strategies and the resulting health impacts? and (3) how can adaptation strategies mitigate the health impacts of plausible future temperatures?

Aim 1: Past climate variability and vulnerability. To study the acclimatization process to different levels of warming across space and vulnerability to non-optimal and extreme temperatures in Sweden.

Aim 2: Past and ongoing adaptation. To study the interplay between adaptation to non-optimal and extreme temperatures and societal processes leveraging the comparison between Sweden and Spain, a North and a South European country.

Aim 3: Future scenarios of adaptation to temperatures. To develop scenarios of socio-sanitary impacts from plausible future temperatures in Sweden, accounting for societal and adaptation processes.


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