Videos of talks and presentations

Collection of videos of talks, presentations and panel sessions

Talks about disaster myths and facts to debunk them

  • Giuliano Di Baldassarre at the Debunking Disaster Myths Seminar - 2021-03-22

  • Johan Von Schreeb at the Debunking Disaster Myths Seminar - 2021-03-22

  • Susann Baez Ullberg at Debunking Disaster Myths Seminar - 2021-03-22

  • Panel Discussion at the Debunking Disaster Myths Seminar - 2021-03-22

Talks about research practices and strategies within DRR

  • Korbinian Breinl: Why we should stop using the term "natural disaster"

  • Charles Parker: Bridging the gaps with integrated research

  • Fredrik Bynander: Training, teaching and exercising challenges

  • Giuliano Di Baldassarre: An inter-disciplinary approach to explore the dynamics of risk

  • Mariele Evers: A transdisciplinary Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction

Talks about case studies

  • Steffi Burchardt: Advances in understanding the eruptive potential of Icelandic volcanoes

  • Adam Dingwell: Volcanic Ash forecasting - problems in the past and recent advances (start: 24:07)

  • Charles Parker: Complex Negative Events and the Diffusion of Crisis - Lessons from the Icelandic Volcanic Ash Cloud Events (start 43:09)

Videos in Swedish

  • Lars Nyberg: How to improve collaboration between research and practice (Swedish, start: 13:18)

  • Lars Nyberg: Climate adaptation and risk reduction: What are the differences and similarities? (Swedish, start 11:00)

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