CNDS Forum for Natural Hazards and Disasters 2022, Uppsala

The Forum is a meeting place for those working on natural hazards, disaster risk reduction and crisis management. The event is targeted to policy and decision makers and practitioners in local, national and international governmental agencies, NGOs, and the private sector as well as researchers and early career scientists.

Last Forum 2022 focused on understanding the need to adapting and planning for changes, both predictable and unpredictable, as well as the importance of taking action now to better address the nexus between disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. The discussions addressed local events to global crises.

The morning session always focuses on the practitioner perspective and is usually held in Swedish. The afternoon session focuses on the research and international perspectives and is held in English.

CNDS Forum for Natural Hazards and Disasters 2024

Next CNDS Forum for Natural Hazards and Disasters will take place in 2024

All the details will be announced in due time throught CNDS communication channels.

Pevious Forum editions

The recorded lectures of CNDS Forum for Natural Hazars and Disasters are available at CNDS Youtube channel

The program of previous Forum editions can be accesed below (pdf format):

Last modified: 2023-04-13