Pedagogical model "Riskville" inspires research article


Experiences from using Riskville as a pedagogical model has proven to be a good starting point for introducing and discussing the connection between urban planning and risk management. CNDS researchers at the Centre for Climate and Safety (CCS at Karlstad University) are happy to announce that these experiences have been documented and published in scientific article.

Photo credit: Åsa B Höjer

The Centre for Climate and Safety's RiskLab and its pedagogic models Floodville and Riskville are in many ways results of the ongoing research at CCS. Years of using the models have led to the playful handling of oftentimes complex scientific questions and generated new intriguing research questions.

These experiences have inspired the article "Riskville - A Game for Learning about Disaster Risks and Urban Planningwhich has been peer-reviewed and recently published in International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters.

The article is the result of a collaborative effort of several researchers who have been working with the production, development and implementation of these pedagogical models. They hope that their article will contribute to the spreading and developing new ideas that will inspire playful, interactive and hands-on environments for learning about difficult and sometimes abstract societal challenges, which in turn will result in meaningful and relevant research in order to strengthen societal security.

Christenson, N, Koivisto, J., Persson, E., Hindersson, E., Gustafsson, K. and Pettersson, A. (2018) Riskville - A Game for Learning about Disaster Risks and Urban Planning. International Journal of Mass Emergencies and Disasters. November 18, Vol 36, No 3. pp. 238-246.