CNDS Fellow Charles Parker's article published as research highlight in Nature Climate Change


Nature Climate Change has selected CNDS Fellow Charles Parker and Christer Karlsson’s Environmental Politics article,“The UN climate change negotiations and the role of the United States: assessing American leadership from Copenhagen to Paris”, as a Research Highlight in their new issue.

Together, Charles Parker and Christer Karlsson examine the role of American leadership in the UN climate negotiations that produced the 2015 Paris Agreement. First, the United States (US) climate goals are identified. Then, utilizing unique survey data collected at eight UN climate summits between 2008 and 2015, the extent to which the US was recognized as a leader by potential followers is investigated. Finally, the extent to which US goals are reflected in negotiation outcomes is evaluated. Recognition of the US as a leader varied over time, peaking at the UN climate meetings in Copenhagen and Paris, reflecting US leadership in shaping the outcomes of both meetings. Although the results reveal a divided leadership landscape in which the US must compete for leadership with other actors, such as the European Union and China, US leadership was crucial to the successful adoption of the Paris Agreement.