Maladaptation as a negative assessment of adaptation


Maladaptation, as a negative assessment of adaptation, is an emerging component of the adaptation discourse, embracing theory, practice and review. There is a political critique of maladaptation which contrasts with the more conventional scientific and technical assessments of adaptation policies, programs and practices. CNDS ​fellow Mikael Granberg (Karlstad University) and his colleague Leigh Glover (Karlstad University) have researched the politics of maladaptation in-depth.


In their article, the two scholars outline the origins of the adaptation and maladaptation concepts, describe the key political issues, as well as identify the application of politics in the maladaptation discourse and the major political perspectives. The article answers the following three main questions: How Can We Understand the Political Identity of Maladaptive Adaptations to Climate Change?, What Are the Problems in Trying to Understand Maladaptation as a Political Phenomenon? and What Are the Implications and Significance of the Politics of Maladaptation?. Conclusions on the state of the maladaptation discourse are drawn based on the political analysis conducted into the meaning of the social context of adaptations and its implications and consequences of adaptation.

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