Call for CNDS Interdisciplinary Grants


CNDS is now providing an opportunity for Early Career Scientists (PhD students and postdocs from CNDS partnering universities Uppsala University, Karlstad University and Swedish Defence University) to apply for funding for interdisciplinary work within natural hazard and disaster science.

CNDS is making Interdisciplinary Grants available in order to encourage research activities that extend beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries. Examples include funding of small research projects within natural hazards and disaster science involving two or more early career scientists from different disciplines, organizing cross-, multi- or interdisciplinary workshops and seminars, or attending PhD courses that are outside of one's own discipline in attempt to broaden one's research scope. While presentations of interdisciplinary work at conferences or workshops will also be considered, it will not be prioritised for funding.

The grants can be applied for until 31 January 2020 (total funds available for this year’s call is 150,000 SEK including 31% overhead costs). Acquired funding has to be spent before March 2021. The requirements for attaining the grant is that the proposed activities involve research tasks, analytical methods, and/or other efforts spanning across disciplines on a topic related to natural hazards and disaster science. Disciplines that currently are not represented within CNDS (e.g., public health, economics, and cognitive sciences) can also be covered. 

Who can apply?

CNDS Interdisciplinary Grants are open for applications from early career scientists (PhD students and postdocs) from any department of CNDS partnering universities, i.e. Uppsala University, Karlstad University and Swedish Defence University.

How to apply?

Applications should be a maximum of two pages, including the proposal and description of the activity, a statement of the interdisciplinary nature of the proposal, how the proposed activity will benefit your research, budget (including overhead costs) with time line, and a motivation as to why these funds are needed. Applications must also include a one page resume of all applicants.

Review Process

Applications for CNDS Interdisciplinary Grants are reviewed and decided upon by the CNDS
Management Group. Potential for interdisciplinary and feasibility of the proposed activity are the main evaluation criteria. The management group can suggest merging applications.

Send your application to no later than 31 January 2020 (23:59 CET). 

Please direct all questions related to the call to