The potential impending Iceland volcano eruption brings CNDS expertise into media


CNDS Fellows Valentin Troll, Björn Lund and Steffi Burchardt were interviewed in different media platform about the impending volcano eruption in Iceland 

After the hundreds of smaller earthquakes in south-west Iceland, there are fears of an upcoming volcanic eruption and the roughly 4,000 inhabitants of the town of Grindavik have been evacuated. Volcanologist Steffi Burchardt, Associate Professor at Uppsala University, explained what an eruption could mean for the island in an interview at the Swedish morning TV show Nyhetsmorgon. You can listen to Steffi at TV4 webpage (in Swedish).

Björn Lund, Steffi Butchard and Valentin Troll
Björn Lund, Steffi Burchardt and Valentin Troll

Prof. Valentin Troll at Natural Resources and Sustainable Development (NRHU), Uppsala  Univeristy, has been on prime time national German TV news last weekend regarding the potential impending Iceland volcano eruption. This includes the two nationwide state broadcasters ARD and ZDF, but also regional radio stations that reported on the developing crisis in SW Iceland around the town of Grindavik and near the Blue Lagoon tourist attraction. Hopes are that the town might be spared, but the situation can take a very unpleasant turn at this stage. You can listen to Valentin at ZDF webpage, Tagesschau webpageTagesschau webpage about the Blue Lagoon, and SWR3 webpage. All interviews are in German. He has also given an interview in the magazine (in Swedish).

Björn Lund, Associate Professor at Uppsala University, has also been present in interviews bout the timing, size and potential consequences of an impending volcanic eruption. You can listen to Björn in SVT webpageSVT nyheterSverigesradio and TV4 webpage, or read the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. All the interviews are in Swedish.

Last modified: 2023-02-01