The article by Elisa Savelli et al. on urban water crises and hydrological risks gains large international media attention


The paper on Nature Sustainability by CNDS Fellow Elisa Savelli and colleguagues has reached more than 17,000 clicks in less than one week

Article Urban water crises driven by elites’ unsustainable consumption, written by CNDS Fellow Elisa Savelli as main author, and co-authored by, among others, CNDS Director Giuliano Di Baldassarre & CNDS international collaborator Hannah Cloke, is on this date on the 99th percentile (top 1%) of the 235,837 tracked articles of a similar age in all journals, and ranked 1st in Nature Sustainability.

Savelli's article has been features widely inside and outside of Sweden, with coverage in The Washinton Post, ScrippNews, CNBC, News24, Dominican Today, The Irish News, Faro de Vigo, El Universal and la Repubblica, among others.

In Sweden, the article has been explored in all Skånska DagbladetSR Ekot, Västerbottenkuriren, AftonbladetBorås tidning, Landets fria tidningTidningen SyreSydsvenskan and Omni

Last modified: 2023-02-01