Experts and Media Contacts

Below you find some of our experts and their area(s) of expertise.

Weather extremes

  • Coastal extremes
  • Baltic Sea extreme events
  • Climate Change and extreme events

Anna Rutgersson (Uppsala University)
Gabriele Messori (Uppsala University)

  • Climate Change and water conflicts

Ashok Swain (Uppsala University)

Hydrological extremes

  • Droughts and floods

Giuliano Di Baldassarre (Uppsala University)


  • Earthquake source processes
  • Earthquake formation

Björn Lund (Uppsala University)


  • The politics of climate risks and adaptation

Mikael Granberg (Karlstad University)


  • Volcanic eruptions

Steffi Burchardt (Uppsala University)


  • Manufacturing and mechanical properties of materials for miniaturized systems used in, e.g., environmental monitoring

Klas Hjort (Uppsala University)

Last modified: 2021-12-02