CNDS/EGU Summer School 2022

This year’s CNDS/EGU Summer School “Natural Hazards in the Anthropocene” gathered 24 PhD students from earth-, engineering-, and social sciences for an introduction on the interplay between natural hazards (e.g., floods, droughts, wildfires and earthquakes) and vulnerable societies. The one-week course offered intensive training on concepts and tools for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), where the disaster management cycle (mitigation, preparation, response and recovery) was compared to alternative concepts and critically analysed in relation to recent catastrophic events. Together with senior researchers in the forefront of this field, students discussed and proposed solutions to complex problems in DRR.

The summer school took place at the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden during 22-26 th of August.

For accessing the CNDS Summer School 2022 evaluation report, please email

CNDS Forum for Natural Hazards and Disasters 2022

This year's forum focused on understanding the need to adapting and planning for changes, both predictable and unpredictable, as well as the importance of taking action now to better address the nexus between disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation. The discussions addressed local events to global crises. The morning session focused on the practitioners' perspective and was held in Swedish. The afternoon session focused on  research and international perspectives and was held in English.

The following panellists or speakers were present during the forum:

  • Giuliano Di Baldassarre (CNDS, Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • Anna Blomqvist (Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute, Sweden)
  • Helena Gullberg (Örebro municipality, Sweden)
  • Glen Nivert (City of Gotenburg, Sweden)
  • Mari Kristin Mikaelsson (Ängelholm municipality, Sweden)
  • Louise Schlyter (Region Stockholm, Sweden)
  • Jörgen Sparf (Mid-University, Sweden)
  • Lena Blad (Gästrike vatten, Gävle, Sweden)
  • Johanna Harrysson (Gästrike vatten, Gävle, Sweden)
  • Mikael Granberg (Karlstad University, Sweden)
  • Arjen Boin (Leiden University, Netherlands)
  • Johanna Mård (CNDS, Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • Daniel Nohrstedt (CNDS, Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • Charles Parker (CNDS, Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • Kristina Petrova (CNDS, Uppsala University, Sweden)
  • Evangelia Petridou (Mid-University, Sweden)

The event was well attended (over 80 participants between the morning and the afternoon session). For accessing the CNDS Forum 2022 evaluation report, please email

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