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Get to know Anna Rutgersson, CNDS Board Member, Professor in Meteorology at the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University, in this short interview.

Research portrait: Anna Rutgersson

What is your area of expertise?

​- My area of expertise is different aspects of air-sea interaction, how the upper water processes links to atmospheric processes. This is highly relevant for many aspects, ranging from the global carbon cycle, to the development of extreme atmospheric processes.

What sparked your interest in natural hazards and disaster science?

- It is a very close link between the physical processes of the atmosphere and ocean to societal impacts; which adds one dimension to the important aspects of understanding Earth Science processes.

If you could only work in one problem/issue/challenge, what would that be?

- If I could only work on one problem/issue/challenge in natural hazards and disaster science it would be coastal extremes, because for me it is a challenge as we then need to understand the interaction between the atmosphere, ocean and land (which is a challenge); coastal extremes also have great impact on many people and important infrastructures.

What book or paper has been most influential to your career and why?

- I watched a scientific TV program when I as a teenager. It focused on the physics of the atmosphere and visualized the 3D aspects of atmosphere and clouds; This program triggered my interests for meteorology and a realization that atmosphere and weather is a really challenging and interesting area.

What do you like to do when you’re not working on research?

- I like spending time in nature and reading books.

What is your golden tip for early career scientists?

- Find the fun in the research you are doing; to have the energy to pursue a scientific career, one must really like science.

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Last modified: 2023-01-25