CNDS is coordinated by its directors, board, and management group, and supported by the reference group and the communication group, which are all presented below.
CNDS ensures collaboration between the involved departments at three universities. More information about each of the departments involved can be found on the universities' websites.

Department of Earth Sciences
Department of Government
Department of Information Technology
Department of Material Science and Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering
Department of Peace and Conflict Research

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CNDS Director(s)

CNDS Board

The CNDS Board consists of representatives from all three universities involved in CNDS, as well as one PhD student representative. The current board members include:

CNDS Management Group

The CNDS Management Group consists of representatives from all three universities involved in CNDS, as well as one PhD student representative. The current members are:

Communication Group

The CNDS Communication Group consists of representatives of the universities involved in CNDS. Currently, the Communication Group consists of the following:

Last modified: 2023-02-03