Previous Job Openings

  • Position as Project coordinator for the Centre of Natural Hazards and Disaster Science (CNDS) and the European Weather Extremes: Drivers, Predictability and Impacts consortium (EDIPI) at Uppsala University
  • Position as Postdoctoral Researcher in Political Science with a specialisation in crisis management and international cooperation, emphasis on disaster risk reducation and natural hazards at Swedish Defence University
  • Position as Postdoctoral Researcher in Risk and Environmental Studies with specialisation in catastrophe modelling at Karlstad University
  • Two positions at the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University -  partly funded by the ERC project HydroSocialExtremes, and affiliated to CNDS. The positions were Researcher in socio-hydrology and Researcher in Water and Society.

  • ​Open postdoctoral position. Researcher in Surface Hydrology funded by Giuliano Di Baldassarre's ERC project HydroSocialExtremes: Unraveling the interplay of floods, droughts and societies. 
  • Associate Senior Lecturer in Risk and Environmental Studies with a specialisation in Societal Risk and Safety at Karlstad University, associated to the Centre for Societal Risk Research (CSR) 
Last modified: 2022-09-26