Previous Job Openings

  • Three new PhD positions at Uppsala University within the EU project EDIPI that will be affiliated with CNDS. More information about the EDIPI project can be found on its home page.

    • PhD position in drought forecasting (main supervisor: Giuliano Di Baldassarre)
    • PhD position in extreme weather events, with a focus on heatwaves (main supervisor: Gabriele Messori)
    • PhD position in air-sea interaction and extremes (main supervisor: Anna Rutgersson)

  • Position as Project coordinator for the Centre of Natural Hazards and Disaster Science (CNDS) and the European Weather Extremes: Drivers, Predictability and Impacts consortium (EDIPI) at Uppsala University
  • Position as Postdoctoral Researcher in Political Science with a specialisation in crisis management and international cooperation, emphasis on disaster risk reducation and natural hazards at Swedish Defence University
  • Position as Postdoctoral Researcher in Risk and Environmental Studies with specialisation in catastrophe modelling at Karlstad University

  • Two positions at the Department of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University -  partly funded by the ERC project HydroSocialExtremes, and affiliated to CNDS. The positions were Researcher in socio-hydrology and Researcher in Water and Society.

Last modified: 2021-09-23