Centre of Natural Hazards and Disaster Science

Videos of talks and presentations by CNDS Fellows

Collection of videos of talks, presentations by and panel sessions with CNDS Fellows

Talks about research practices and strategies within DRR

  • Korbinian Breinl: Why we should stop using the term "natural disaster"

  • Charles Parker: Bridging the gaps with integrated research

  • Fredrik Bynander: Training, teaching and exercising challenges

  • Giuliano Di Baldassarre: An inter-disciplinary approach to explore the dynamics of risk

  • Mariele Evers: A transdisciplinary Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction

Talks about case studies

  • Steffi Burchardt: Advances in understanding the eruptive potential of Icelandic volcanoes

  • Adam Dingwell: Volcanic Ash forecasting - problems in the past and recent advances (start: 24:07)

  • Charles Parker: Complex Negative Events and the Diffusion of Crisis - Lessons from the Icelandic Volcanic Ash Cloud Events (start 43:09)

Videos in Swedish

  • Lars Nyberg: How to improve collaboration between research and practice (Swedish, start: 13:18)

  • Lars Nyberg: Climate adaptation and risk reduction: What are the differences and similarities? (Swedish, start 11:00)