CNDS Science Plan

One of the biggest challenges within disaster science is to integrate research from engineering and the natural and social sciences. In an attempt to reach this objective, CNDS brings together leading researchers from engineering and the social and natural sciences who are affiliated with Uppsala University, the Swedish Defence University, and Karlstad University. Together they work across scientific disciplines. CNDS combines state-of-the-art research with interdisciplinary collaboration. CNDS researchers have significant knowledge and experience of natural hazards and crisis management.

In efforts to promote the integration of research from different disciplines, CNDS has developed a strategy for this in its science plan. The science plan has been a dynamic document and has been updated as CNDS's research has evolved. The first science plan (version 1.0) was written in August 2011, after 22 new PhD students, post-docs, and researchers had been recruited.

We are currently working on a new science plan, which will be available here soon.