CNDS Fellows receive royal visitor at RiskLab at Karlstad University


The royal visit began with a presentation, for H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf and the other guests, on climate-related risks and society's management of them by Mikael Granberg and Lars Nyberg from the Centre for Climate and Safety (CCS), Karlstad University and CNDS Fellows.

The RiskLab is a meeting place for communicating and sharing knowledge of complex issues that stimulates discussions and learning. In addition to getting concrete information, visitors get the opportunity to test their new knowledge and skills by using two educational tools Riskköping and Floodville. Riskköping is community building game, where participants are tasked with building a sustainable and safe city. Floodville is a flood-simulation game where participants are assigned to protect the city's most critical places and services from flooding. These educational tools are used together to illustrate the complexity of disaster management and climate-related risks.

The honorary guest H.M. King was joined by the County Governor, Karlstad University Rector, and local schoolchildren. Together they were invited to participate in Floodville as experts. Each participant was given a limited number of levees (modelling clay) and tasked to determine which areas should be protected. Then they had to strategically place them in order to protect the key areas from flooding.

"RiskLab provides a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about our research efforts and the knowledge we are collecting on climate-related risks. Riskköping and Floodville pedagogically showcase how we are working with communication and knowledge dissemination in a way that stimulates discussion and shared learning. Strengthening our knowledge about how to understand and manage climate-related risks is a highly prioritized field of research, both locally and globally, due to climate change and increased vulnerability due to how and where we choose to live."

Contact details
For questions related to the activities research conducted by Centre for Climate and Safety (CCS), Karlstad University:
Professor Mikael Granberg, Director of CCS
Telephone: +46 (0) 72 305 6467

For questions about RiskLab, Riskköping and Floodville:
Emelie Hindersson, Coordinator of CCS
Telephone: +46 (0) 70 432 2361