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CNDS PhD student was awarded a prize in a photo contest

Marc Girons Lopez, PhD student within CNDS at the Department of Earth Sciences (at Uppsala University), was awarded a prize in the European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly photo contest.

Welcome to the CNDS Academy on 13 May 2016

The next CNDS Academy will take place at The Swedish Defence University (SEDU) in Stockholm on 13 May 2016.

PhD student within CNDS defends her licentiate thesis

Monika Rydstedt Nyman, PhD student within CNDS at the Centre for Climate and Safety (Karlstad University), will defend her licentiate thesis on 10 May 2016.

Centre for Natural Disaster Science

Centre for Natural Disaster Science, CNDS, is a national centre for research on natural disasters. It was established through an initiative, making it one the government’s strategic research areas. CNDS has created an interdisciplinary platform where researchers from different scientific disciplines work together in order to provide society with knowledge and a better understanding of natural disasters.

The research conducted at CNDS aims to contribute to improving the ability to prevent and deal with risks in society by raising awareness of the dynamics and consequences of natural hazards, considering the issue of vulnerability in Sweden, as well as discussing crisis management.

A fundamental pillar of CNDS is the research school where PhD students are engaged in interdisciplinary course work, collaborative projects, and active dialogue with practitioner communities.

CNDS researchers are affiliated with ten different departments at Uppsala University, National Defence University and University of Karlstad. Together they have a wealth of experience and knowledge about natural disasters and societal security.

CNDS Academy