Network with UCL IRDR

Researchers from CNDS and UCL IRDR in London, June 2015

In spring 2014, CNDS and UCL IRDR (Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction at University College London) formed a network and have since generated a number of workshops and collaborative projects. The initiative started as a PhD student network when three PhD students from CNDS visited UCL IRDR in London in November 2014. 

Workshop in October 2016

On 26-27 October 2016, CNDS hosted Rosanna Smith, Ilan Kelman and eight PhD students from UCL IRDR for a third workshop in Uppsala. During the workshop, researchers from both centres discussed how to structure collaboration between the research centres in the future and drafted specific project proposals.

The 2016 Forum on Natural Disasters

Ilan Kelman from UCL IRDR was the keynote speaker during the 2016 Forum on Natural Disasters, presenting  "Climate change does not cause disasters: Vulnerability does". 

In addition, PhD students from UCL IRDR participated in the event's poster exhibition. A few of the  posters were the result of collaboration between PhD students from both research centres.

The 2015 UCL IRDR Academic Summit & Conference

At the 2015 UCL IRDR Third Academic Summit, CNDS researchers participated in all of the panels during the event. See video footage with CNDS senior researchers Fredrik Bynander and Charles Parker during the panel session of the Academic Summit. Furthermore, several PhD students from CNDS participated in the poster exhibition during the UCL IRDR 5th Annual Conference.

Workshop in June 2015

The second workshop between UCL-IRDR and CNDS was held on 23 June 2015 in London. Four senior researchers and nine PhD students from CNDS visited UCL. During the workshop, focus groups discussed potential collaborative research topics. Among the discussed topics were early warning systems, disaster research as interdisciplinary field, and the recently adopted Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

Workshop in May 2015

CNDS researchers welcomed three PhD students from UCL IRDR and Professor David Alexander. The focus of this workshop was to discuss ongoing research projects and to identify key areas for future collaboration in order to prepare participants for the following workshop in London.
A report following the workshop summarises its aims and acitivities.