Forum on Natural hazards and Disasters 2016

Natural hazards and climate change: How do they affect individuals and society as a whole?

Floods, droughts, forest fires, storms and landslides - these are natural events that occur today and will continue to occur in the future. Yet when these naturally occurring events affect our communities and us as individuals they are perceived as disasters and catastrophes. Often we get stuck on how to prevent and manage such events and focus on practical and technical solutions rather than identifying and implementing lessons learned and trying to create more robust and resilient communities.

The Forum on Natural hazards and Disasters was organised for the fourth time and the programme highlighted the effects that naturally occurring events have on individuals and society as a whole as well as on how efforts from communities and individuals can reduce vulnerability. What insights and knowledge do we need to mitigate the consequences of natural disasters? How can we build resilient communities?

Cooperation between researchers and practitioners is needed in order to address these tough questions. In an effort to support that, the Forum on Natural hazards and Disasters provides a meeting place for those working in various ways with disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation. Here researchers, authorities, municipalities, county councils, civic organisations and the private sector are given the opportunity to convene and discuss common concerns and challenges regarding natural disasters and climate adaption.

The Forum was organised by CNDS and the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) and was held on 25 October 2016 at Odenplan in Stockholm.


  • Ilan Kelman, UCL

  • Misse Wester, Lund University

  • Ann Enander, SEDU

  • Margareta Wahlström

  • Elin Sander and Frida Eklund