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Forum on Natural Hazards and Disasters

The Forum on Natural Hazards and Disasters is arranged by CNDS and serves as a meeting place for societal actors with an interest in reducing the risks and consequences of natural hazards and disasters. The purpose is to strengthen knowledge sharing, stimulate dialogue, and improve interaction between academics, practitioners, and decision makers working with disasters. The long-term goal is to create an arena for the exchange of knowledge in order to strengthen disaster research in Sweden.  

Welcome to the Forum on Natural Hazards and Disasters 2018!

This year’s Forum will take place on 15 November 2018 at Karlstad University and is being hosted by CNDS in cooperation with MSB and will address the following issues:

  • What are the societal costs and losses incurred by natural hazards and disasters?
  • How can we use data and each other's experiences to reduce society's vulnerabilities to natural hazards and disasters?

The 2018 Forum on Natural Hazards and Disasters will focus on the societal damages and losses incurred by natural hazards and disasters, stretching from a local to a global perspective. We will talk about access to data, methodology for using data, how data can be used, and the ethical and security implications associated to these issues. The day will also include discussions about responsibility and expectations regarding who should take what preventative and response measures as well as how we can learn from each other and strengthen cooperation between various actors. 

The programme will be conducted primarily in Swedish, but some parts will be in English. Participation is free of charge and includes both refreshments and lunch both days; however, advance registration is mandatory. Registration deadline is 31 October 2018.

You are warmly welcome to register for the 2018 Forum now!

The Forum on Natural Hazards and Disasters is targeted to policy and decision makers and practitioners in local and governmental agencies, NGOs, and the private sector as well as researchers and PhD students in disaster research and in transdisciplinary research environments. The target group also includes publicly appointed and elected officials on the local, regional and national level in Sweden.

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